Lakewood Machine & Tool Inc specializes in precision manufacturing of aluminium and steel parts for industry.

We offer custom design and manufacturing services from first concept to final packaging in our 5000 ft2 facility in Newmarket, ON. Our components are currently in use in leading manufacturing facilities throughout North America, and we have been consistently producing high-quality parts since 1988. In house, we handle production runs ranging from one-off’s and prototyping, up to several thousand units.

We utilize CNC technology including vertical milling centres, wire EDM, and automated surface grinding. Parts manufactured range from high-visibility aluminium components, precision-manufactured steel components made to exacting tolerances, replacement die sections and custom punches for tooling, and machined brass components suitable for the utility industry. Anodizing, powder-coating, black oxide, non-destructive testing, and heat treating / hardening services are all available to your specifications through our supplier network.

For your tooling requirements, our die maintenance team offers quality workmanship with fast turnaround times in order to meet your production schedules and deadlines.

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Lakewood Machine & Tool
1225 Gorham Street
Unit 28 Newmarket, Ontario
L3Y 8Y4

Telephone: (905) 853-6194
Fax: (905) 853-6741
Email: sales@lakewoodmachine.com
  • Ohhhhh I love big ol radius cutters in aluminum Isnthellip
  • A fixture we machined inside the haasautomation VF5 in orderhellip
  • Assembly underway! These are copper parts we had waterjet cuthellip
  • Some interesting little 6061 aluminum parts around halfway through manufacturehellip
  • A bunch of steel parts after two ops inside thehellip
  • Putting the dexterity skills to another use this weekend! Hereshellip
  • A short run of steel parts fresh out of thehellip
  • A row full of haasautomation mills ready to roll herehellip
  • Aluminum extrusions on the go These get cut to lengthhellip
  • A big grille finished in the VF5 this morning Thosehellip